Participate & Share

This page illustrates how a user can participate and share on the Valkyrie Protocol

Participate Flow

  1. Click the "Go to campaign Button" in WebApp

  2. Go to Campaign

    1. Move to campaign project's page

    2. Connect wallet using Station Extension

    3. Performs the specified activities of the campaign to participate.

  3. Participate in Campaign

    1. Back to the valkyrie web app

    2. Input Tx Hash in The Campaign Detail Page

    3. Check participation conditions

      • Some campaign conditions may be essential.

      • Depending on the status of your wallet

      • Depending on Participation Deposit

      • Depending on Participation VP

  4. Get Participation Reward

    1. Upon successful participation, rewards will be immediately distributed. If there is a lockup period, the user will be able to claim their rewards after the specified lock up.

Referral Participate

  1. Share Referral Link(in Valkyrie WebApp)

    1. Copy and share

  2. Get Referral Reward

    1. When someone participates through a shared link, you receive referral rewards.

    2. Referral rewards are provided through the Connectable reward structure of the valkyrie protocol.


  1. Participate the campaign

    1. The participation reward for that campaign is 100 UST and the sharing reward scheme is [50 VKR, 20 VKR]

    2. User A participate the campaign

  2. Sharing through campaign's link and recommending participation

    1. User A shares with B and C and they participate

    2. User B shares to D and E and they participate

  3. Reward distribution

    1. When user C participate, user C get 100 UST for participation reward and user A get 50 VKR for referral reward by user C's participation

    2. When user E participate, user E Get 100 UST for participation reward and user B get 50 VKR, user A get 20 VKR for referral reward by user E's participation

    3. Total get reward for A : 100 UST & 140 VKR (50 VKR + 50 VKR + 20 VKR + 20 VKR) B : 100 UST & 100 VKR (50 VKR + 50 VKR) C, D, E : 100 UST

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