Dashboard Main

‌The Valkyrie main Dashboard. Dashboard displays the following data:

All numbers shown on the dashboard are numbers set for convenience.


This is where one can have an overview of activities in Valkyrie Protocol

VKR Info

Price information is based on the VKR-UST pair on Astroprot

  • Description

    • Current Price

    • Change over 24hrs

  • Graph Description

    • Day : Graph in 30minute intervals over 24hrs

    • Week : Graph in 4hr intervals over 7 days

    • Month : Graph in daily intervals over 30days

  • Circulating Supply

    • LP : Total supply of VKR among the VKR-UST pair

    • GOV : Total VKR staked on Governance

    • Reward Pool : Total VKR in active reward pools

    • Others : Total VKR in user wallets

Total Burned VKR

This is the Total Burned VKR of display all VKRs burned in the Valkyrie protocol.

Total Value Locked

This is the Total Value Locked of all tokens within the Valkyrie Protocol in UST

  • Liquidity : Total value of VKR-UST pair staked into the liquidity pool in UST

  • GOV : Total value of Governance Staked in UST

  • Reward Pool : Total value of all active campaign reward pools in UST

Campaign Info

This is where you can find information on the campaigns on the Valkyrie Protocol

Cumulative Campaign Rewards

This section shows the total cumulative reward pool value that was captured in the protocol through all time. This is shown in UST (token value conversion to UST in real time) Cumulative Campaign Interactions

Total all time cumulative number of interactions

  • Direct Participation : Cumulative number of user participation (all time)

  • Referral Participation : Cumulative number of user referral (all time)

Cumulative Distributed Rewards

Total all time cumulative rewards that were distributed

  • Participation Rewards: Cumulative distributed participation rewards (all time)

  • Referral Rewards: Cumulative distributed referral rewards (all time)

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