Valkyrian Pass (VP)

In February 2022, Valkyrie Protocol introduced a Loyalty Program called the Valkyrian Pass (VPs). Valkyrian Passes are awarded exclusively to Valkyrians who have staked onto governance for a considerable amount of time or in volume. The VPs are designed to grant priority access and other exclusive offers to IPC, Smart Airdrop and other campaigns.

In addition to acting like admission tickets in a Valkyrie loyalty program, the VPs can also be executed to boost up rewards such as being a yield maximizer. As Valkyrie LP reserves are decreasing, there will be an amplified incentive to collect VPs and maximize yield.

Lastly, like many loyalty programs, Valkyrie Protocol is looking to implement a tier-ranking system that will further induce the use of VP and bring greater opportunities for the Valkyrie Pass member!

Who can get the Valkyrian Pass? As per above, the Valkyrian Pass is an exclusive offer for Valkyrians who have staked onto governance for a considerable amount of time or in volume. Although there is no set time or volume threshold, those who have staked longer and/or in larger amounts will benefit most from the Valkyrian Pass.

*Current existing governance stakers are entitled to the Valkyrian Pass.

What are the benefits of the Valkyrian Pass?

  • Exclusive Access to Initial Participant Campaigns (IPC)

  • Priority access to other campaigns such as Smart Airdrops and NFT minting

  • Yield boosting incentives

What are the limitations of the Valkyrian Pass?

The Valkyrian Pass is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. This also means that it cannot be transferred to another wallet for use as well. Valkyrian Passes will be available for a one-way burn of 12.5VKR for those who need to top up for campaign participation.

How are the Valkyrian Passes used?

Valkyrie Passes are used for campaign participation access and boosts. The more exclusive the campaign is, the greater amount of VPs will be required for participation. They will be a requirement on a campaign page. Additionally, the Valkyrie team will also make adhoc VPs boosts for certain campaigns. The boundaries are limitless to VP usage. As a Valkyrian, we always welcome your feedback and proposal. You can submit them on the forum or governance poll.

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