Valkyrie Version 2

Valkyrie Protocol has made systematic and feature upgrades for its release of Version 2 in April 2022.

Version 2 was built with three pillars in mind for both Campaigners and Participants to maximize growth: 1) True Decentralization: - Build Your Own Campaign (B.Y.O.C) - Campaign Process Participation 2) Simplicity and Fast Launches

Build Your Own Campaign

Valkyrie Protocol after all is a DAO. One of the key features for launching campaigns in V2 is to invite any protocol or user to build and launch their own referral campaign.

A campaigner will be able to propose their desired campaign parameters to the community on the forum (Valkyrie will provide a simple template). Each campaign proposal should cover at least the following: - Campaign participation requirements - Campaign rewards for participation - Campaign rewards for sharing - Campaign duration

Once a forum discussion has started, the Campaigner will be able to submit the proposal for vote in governance polls. Now anyone can launch their own campaign, maximize growth and partner with Valkyrie!

Vote to Launch (Democratized Campaign Proposals)

Another key feature in V2 invites all VKR holders to have a voice in the launch of a campaign.

Version 2 will launch campaigns only after they have been approved by the community through a discussion on forum and governance poll. Each poll will last for 7 days before determining being executed into a campaign or rejected. This is where Valkyrie Token holders can exercise their voting rights in campaign proposals.

Active Participation

Finally, reward claims have become more transparent and easier. When a user successfully participates in a campaign, they will be able to verify and claim their participation reward by submitting the transaction ID on the Valkyrie Campaign portal.

A detailed guide and walkthrough is available on the User Guide > WebApp > Campaign section

Simple, Fast and Transparent

The true advantage of Version 2 will be the shortened time from initiation to launch. As all potential campaigners can now easily propose and launch campaigns, the Valkyrie community will now have a greater number of campaign choices to participate.

In addition to all of the features in the first iteration of Valkyrie Protocol, Valkyrie has released a series of innovative features in Version 2 that is designed to enhance user experience, and help expand the protocol’s role in becoming Terra’s adoption driver.

These include: - New Campaign Types such as: Initial Participation Campaign, Swap Events and Smart Airdrops (details in ‘Campaign’ section) - A Loyalty Pass called Valkyrian Pass (details in ‘Valkyrian Pass’ section) - Changes in Tokenomics (details in ‘Valkyrie Token’ section) - Changes in the user participation (details in ‘Campaign’ section)

By leveraging on these principles and enhanced features, we believe that Valkyrie is well positioned to bring a larger number of campaigns to the Terra Community and ultimately be a profit driver for the whole of Terra Network, Valkyrie Campaigners and User Participants.

In the following pages, you can find informative documentation on what and how Valkyrie’s Ecosystem works.

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