Road Map

With the launch of Version 2, the roadmap horizon remains bullish for Valkyrie Protocol. Simply put, the highlights of the upcoming journey includes:

More Campaigns: With the simplicity of Version 2, we are expecting more campaigns to be launched. The Terra Community will now have more campaigns to choose from, which results in better campaigns. We expect an influx of money making opportunities with more campaigns.

Positive Value Capture Mechanisms: Valkyrie will punctuate partner campaigns with more Valkyrie own campaigns to bring more buy pressure and rally the VKR price. This is in addition to more Share2Earn, IPC and Smart Airdrop campaigns.

Yield Boosters: Going forward, VP holders will be able to use their VPs in various ways. Below are some examples of how to leverage VP to maximize benefits:

  • IPC Reward Boosts : As mentioned above, IPCs are IDO Swap events that are focused around action-based campaigns. Successful participants will be entitled to a limited number of tokens per wallet. But with the use of VPs, a user can take advantage of increasing their entitlement cap for entitled tokens.

  • Sharing Reward Boosts: Upon successful participation, a user will get a generated link to share with their community. VPs can be used to get an additional boost for sharing rewards in proportion to how much VPs a user uses

  • Yield Boosts: Liquidity Pool Incentives (APR) and Governance Staking yields (APR) are essential to the Terra DeFi ecosystem. With the use of VP, a user can get additional yield on LP or Governance for a set period of time.

  • Governance Poll Voting Boosts: In Version 2, all campaigns will have to submit a governance poll for community approval before launch. A VP holder can exercise additional voting capacity by using their VPs.

These are some examples of potential future uses of Valkyrian Passes. As always, we welcome any suggestions on the forum for additional ideas of how these can be used to maximize benefits for our true Valkryian members.

V2 will be packed with energy and momentum coming out of the gates in Q2 2022. In addition to the VPs and changed process, the Valkyrie Team hopes to bring more exciting campaigns to the Valkyrie Community.

Pack your bags. We’re ready for take off

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