List of Campaigns, Campaign information and Campaign rewards

CampaignList of Campaigns, Campaign information and Campaign rewardsOn The Campaign page, there is a campaign list and additional information on active campaigns.The Campaign page also offers information on campaign rewards. For a detailed description of Valkyrie campaign, see here. Also, check here for explanations on how to participate in a campaign and how to receive rewards.‌

Campaign Main

‌The Campaign page displays the following data:

My Rewards

Total rewards received in all campaigns

Coming Soon

These are the upcoming campaigns that are confirmed. IPCs are displayed in the color of the partnering protocol; whereas, General Campaigns just displays a simple logo.

Campaign List

Summary information of all ongoing campaigns are displayed here. You can check the status of a campaign by the type of cards (has different visuals for campaign types) All Active campaigns are eligible for participation and referral; all inactive campaigns are no longer eligible for participation although rewards received on inactive campaigns can still be collected.

Campaign Card

Campaign cards display campaign details. Different campaigns have different visuals, including: IPC, Smart Airdrop, and inactive campaigns.

IPCs, Smart Airdrops and General Campaigns can be distinguished by different visual patterns.

Users can still claim rewards from inactive campaigns if they have participated when active.

Campaign Detail

When selecting on a chosen campaign on the Campaign List, you'll find the Detail Page. Detail Page displays the following data:

The Detail Page will have a different UI Interface depending on pre/post participation

My Rewards & My Sharing

Upon participation, you'll find details of the reward scheme and a URL link will be generated for referrals. Also, you'll be able to claim the rewards by pressing the Claim All Rewards


This section shows all detail information about a chosen campaign

Campaign Contract Transaction

This section shows all reward transactions for a chosen campaign

The transaction messages displayed for each situation are as follows

Participate Campaign

1. Navigate to Campaign page and select an campaign to participate‌

2. Verify all campaign participation conditions and if there are deposit requirements for participation

3. Campaign participation is done through the Campaign site. By pressing the Go to Campaign Sitebutton, you'll be lead to the relevant campaign's site.

4. Once participation on the campaign site is complete, a user will have to paste their TX Hash into the input field. Valkyrie will then validate the TX and verify whether it is a valid txn

5. To participate into the campaign, a user can check the eligibility criteria like the Deposit and VPs requirements.

6. Upon successful participation, rewards will be immediately distributed. If there is a lockup period, the user will be able to claim their rewards after the specified lock up. Also, a user will find their sharing link to share with their community, and if their referrals are successful in participation, they will also receive the sharing rewards.

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