Modify Campaign Parameters

The following fields are modifiable through the Modify campaign parameters poll: Title, Proposal Rationale, Information Link, Add to Deposit Fee Rate, Remove from Reward Pool Fee Rate, Referral Reward Pool Minimum Ratio , Referral Reward limit Base Count , Referral Reward Cap Gov Rate and Auto Deactivate Period

When campaign creator wants to create a campaign, need a Add to Deposit Fee Rate. This can be modified by governance. In addition, Remove from Reward Pool Fee Rateare incurred when you want to withdraw the campaign Deposit for stable operation of the campaign. Campaign Withdraw Fee Rate rates can also be changed by governance.

Referral Reward Pool Minimum Ratio It means the minimum percentage of referral reward pool from the total reward pool. This parameter can be modified through a governance vote. A cap on the total potential Referral Rewards a user can receive is set by the parameterReferral Reward Cap Base Count. AReferral Reward Cap Base Count of 1 represents the total referral reward set on Reward Scheme. Referral Reward Cap Gov Rate is the percentage increase rate proportional to the governance staked VKR e.g. if Referral Reward Cap Gov Rate = 30 then there is an increase of 30% to total VKR staked.

Furthermore, if a campaign has no activity for over a month, it will be automatically deactivated. The minimum activity length parameter can also be modified through governance.

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