Valkyrie Protocol's main objective is to build a rewardable ecosystem on Terra. Through the use of Valkyrie campaigns, campaign creators are able to promote innovations as well as improve marketing and advertising efficiency through the usage of smart contract-based technology. Valkyrie's campaigns deliver greater transparency and trust whilst providing unprecedented reach to various users in the ecosystem.

Campaign Creation

Through existing templates on Valkyrie, any user is able to create a new campaign. Once a target action is set and the campaign is activated on the protocol, users are able to freely participate and interact with the listed campaigns. The campaign creator is able to freely adjust and confirm various campaign parameters before activation. Once finalized and live on the protocol, the campaign becomes visible to all protocol participants.

Type of Campaigns

In the first version of Valkyrie, Valkyrie offered only one type of Campaigns called “Share 2 Earn” campaigns. With the release of Version 2, Valkyrie now offers referral campaigns that are tailored and suitable for all protocols at different phases including launch, TGE and growth. Both campaigners and users can now create and participate in the different campaign types as below:

Share 2 Earn General Campaigns: The Share 2 Earn General Campaigns are the vanilla action-based sharing campaigns that are core to the Valkyrie Protocol. The Share2Earn Campaigns are the growth stage campaigns that are targeted for Campaigners who have already launched their protocol, webapp or governance tokens and are looking to drive growth by offering users an opportunity to experiment the protocol’s core product.

Initial Participation Campaigns: The Initial Participation Campaign (IPC) is an innovative dApp-activation program focused on ICOs, IDOs, and other token generation events. Powered by Valkyrie, IPC will align incentives for both protocols and their users, and optimize for the most efficient and fair token launches by rewarding protocols’ early adopters and supporters. Simply put, IPC grants users exclusive access to a given protocol’s token generation event via their participation in the protocol. By leveraging Valkyrie’s IPC, protocols can limit or prioritize launch access to only their most engaged users who have committed time and resources to using their product and contributed to their early success. Concurrently, IPC participants will not only gain exclusive access to token launches but also learn about new protocol offerings and earn additional $VKR for sharing with the community. With IPC, the Terra ecosystem will finally have more equitable token generation events and benefit from amplified awareness of new protocols in such a burgeoning economy.It’s time to reimagine token launches.

IPC User / VKR Holder Benefits - Receive exclusive access to a fair token launch sale - Earn $VKR rewards for IPC participation and sharing

Smart Airdrops: The Valkyrie Smart Airdrop (SA) is an innovative campaign focused on distributing incentives to users that maximizes adoption growth.Simply put, the Smart Airdrop is a way for protocols to be highly selective in rewarding their users.

By leveraging Valkyrie’s Smart Airdrop, protocols choose to incentivize only users who are in a mutually contract-enforced transaction — i.e. protocols reward in exchange for completing an action on chain. Users in the meanwhile, can charge their DApp Activation experience with additional reward tokens and also receive referral $VKR rewards for sharing with their community.

With the Smart Airdrop campaigns, the Terra ecosystem will finally have more equitable token distribution and benefit overall from amplified awareness of new protocols.

Smart Airdrop Campaign Creator / Protocol Benefits:

  • Targeted distribution to users directly interacting with the protocol

  • Use highly customizable wallet status and entry barrier mechanisms

  • Reward active community participants with additional token launches

  • Amplified protocol awareness and activity by leveraging Valkyrie’s existing community and cascading referral structure

Smart Airdrop / VKR Holder Benefits

  • Supercharge experiences

  • Earn $VKR rewards for Smart Airdrop participation and sharing

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