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My Page

The ‘My Page’ tab is an overview of all your assets within the Valkyrie Ecosystem. It is largely in two components: Assets and Claimable Assets (Campaign rewards). You can find out more below.

My Page

My page displays the following data:

My Assets

My Assets is where you can see details about your assets on the Valkyrie Protocol. It also displays the staked amount and values in UST through numbers and visuals.
The My Value section can be viewed once a wallet is connected.
  1. 1.
    My Total Value
Total value of all assets in UST (Holding UST + Holding UST + Gov Staked Value + LP Staked Value )
2. Holding UST
Total number of UST in the user's wallet
3. Holding VKR
Total number of VKR tokens in the user's wallet
4. Gov Staked
Total value of all staked VKR including Governance Staking
5. LP Staked
Total value of all staked LP(VKR + UST) including LP Staking
6. My Valkyrian Pass
Current VP holdings, excluding claimable VP

Claimable Assets

Claimable Assets displays what assets are currently claimable and future claimable. Users can use the [Claim All] button to claim all the claimable rewards at once.
  1. 1.
    My Total Claimable
Total value of all claimable assets in UST (VKR earned by LP Staking + ASTRO earned by LP Staking + Campaign Deposit(locked&unlocked)
2. LP
Claimable LP rewards from staking
3. Campaign Deposit
Amount of Deposit that was used for Campaigns
4. VP
Total VP rewards from governance staking As VPs do not hold monetary value, there is no UST equivalent value displayed

Campaign Rewards

Campaign Reward displays the total campaign rewards accumulated from campaigns
Total Reward Value
Total Value of Campaign Rewards (Claimed Rewards + Lock-up Rewards + Claimable Rewards, IPC Campaigns + Campaign )
Total Participated Campaign
Number of participate campaign
Total rewards claimed from campaign participation
Total rewards currently locked up from campaign participation
Total rewards claimable from campaign participation
Clame All
Claim all claimable rewards. There is a maximum of 30 transactions that can be retrieved in one set or a maximum of 15 campaign participation reward claims.
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